Better track positioning and more efficient maintenance.

No subsidence of the track resulting in rail deflection. A ballast bedding that no longer needs to be tamped frequently mechanically or manually. Less damage to superstructure components and more passenger comfort. Those are the benefits of ShimLift,  an innovative rail fastening for sleeper types NS90 and 14002. The adjustable synthetic wedge which is pushed under the rail, forms the core area of an easy and effective solution for subsidence at transitions from ballasted to ballastless track.

The solution

ShimLift uses a synthetic wedge which is pushed under the rail and moves over a counter-wedge on the sleeper. Due to subsidence in the track at transitions, a gap is created under the sleepers. This phenomenon is known as rail deflection and leads to hammering of the sleepers when the train travels across it.

With the ShimLift, rail deflection can be counteracted very effectively, far better than with a tamping machine which loosens the ballast bedding and which only has a temporary effect.