CDM is a specialist in noise and vibration damping. Since 1996, this manufacturer has used recycled rubber in its production of insulation materials, including track elastomers. An effective, sustainable way to counteract noise nuisance.

Wabtec is a pioneer in the application of friction materials for freight wagons and passenger rail equipment. The company produces ‘silent brake shoes’ which ensure that wheels produce less noise.

Schrey en Veit (S&V) is a well-known supplier of vibration dampers. S&V continues to innovate and consistently produces quieter and easier to install wheel, rail and bridge dampers.

Bonatrans produces train wheels that are used in more than 65 countries and is therefore the largest wheel manufacturer of Europe. The company is known for its high quality train wheels and wheel-sets, and also for its quick deliveries.

VALDUNES is the European leader in the production and sales of crane wheels. The company applies special materials which enables them to produce the best crane wheels in the world.