Infrastructural products

Kampa BV provides innovative products that contribute towards the reduction of LCC (Life Cycle Costs). Other innovative products reduce noise at source whereby local residents suffer less nuisance from railway noise.

Rail dampers

Vibration technology has developed into a high quality science over the years. Our absorption system in the meanwhile, has proven itself in the Netherlands (14 km on the Zeeland line and 9 km HSL). Due to the successful results, other countries are currently also actively experimenting with the implementation of our damping system.

As a result of the universal design, rail dampers can be replaced quickly and easily, independent of local circumstances and without the track requiring adaptation.

Track elastomers

We supply track elastomers in collaboration with Calenberg Ingenieure. Calenberg Ingenieure is a specialist in the reduction of noise and vibrations. Their systems have been developed to protect buildings and people in their living and working environment from noise and vibrations caused by rail traffic. Light rail, metro and heavy goods traffic generate a high degree of vibrations and noise, thus causing significant disruptions.

Cable capturing sleeper

By tradition, cable ducts for cables are always situated between two sleepers. This causes problems to tamp the ballast properly under the tracks at these ducts. In addition, there is a major risk that a tamping machine damages the cable duct. A solution to this problem is the application of a cable capturing sleeper through which the cables can be fed and which thus eliminates cable ducts in the track.


Kampa BV uses an innovative rail fastening for sleepers – ShimLift – which has been developed to resolve the major issues at transitions from ballast to ballastless track. Transitions are situated at level crossings, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. Being adjustable in height also proves to be beneficial for other parts of the track where local subsidence must be corrected.

Post-tensioned device for level crossing slabs

The post-tensioned device for level crossing slabs is intended for universal level crossing slabs model ’98. The prefab concrete slabs of the commonly used universal level crossing are not connected to each other. The joints are a hazard for road traffic. Maintenance to the universal level crossings, in relative terms, brings about extensive costs, because activities on the track are only possible on suspension of the service.