Post-tensioning device for level crossing slabs

Date: 2015-04-24

The prefab concrete slabs of the commonly used universal level crossing are not connected to each other.  The joints are a hazard for road traffic.

Maintenance to the universal level crossings, in relative terms, leeds to extensive costs, because activities can only be conducted during track closure time.
The post-tensioning device for level crossing slabs replaces the conventional retaining structure, it prevents the separation of the level crossing slabs and is independent of the sleeper position. 


  • Enables a better infra availability;
  • Significantly decreases maintenance to the level crossing;
  • Easy placement of the universal slabs, irrespective of the sizes of the sleepers, both for new constructions and after mechanical track maintenance;
  • Fastening of both the inner slabs as well as the outer slabs of the level crossing in the slab's centre of gravity;
  • Replaces the existing retaining structure (therefore not supplementary to it);
  • Improves road safety and therefore reduces risks;
  • An easy and robust solution. 

Download: PDF leaflet of post-tensioning device